ATD Engineering & Machine has been manufacturing world class low pressure permanent mold machines since the late ’90s.  Our machines are heavy duty and rugged, as well as completely built in the USA with standard components sourced locally.  Our machines also feature our patented quiet fill technology, which gives you the ultimate in customization on your fill profile.

ATD Large Aluminum Casting Machine

Our LACM is one of the largest low pressure machines on the market today.  It features a proportional pressure fill system that is integrated with Allen Bradley control hardware and our proprietary user-friendly software.  This results in precise control of the filling pressure without erratic spikes causing turbulence.  Our PLC logic is innovative and one of the major advantages of our system.  Data collection is also available upon request.


Standard Features:

Tilt Out Cope Platen for Ease of Mold Maintenance.

Refill Pressure Furnace Between Shots for Process Control.

Safety Catchers / Safety Blocks for Operator Safety.

Air / Water Chiller Circuits for Directional Casting Cooling.

Grease-less Guide Rod Bushings for Ease of Maintenance.

ATD has over 30 installations in the world for Low Pressure Wheel Machines.  The primary difference that customers use the Low Pressure process, is the low pressure allows tranquil filling of the mold and the continuous feeding of the casting to eliminate shrinkage.  The filling can be done directly into the casting minimizing the need for runners and gate, which increases your yield.  Our wheel machines can be set up as a standalone operation or set up into robotic cells where a single robot can service two machines!