When looking for Robotics and Automation, look no further. The ATD team has been working to automate some of the dirtiest and dangerous roles in foundries across the US. Reach out to us to see how we can help automate your foundry!

Casting Cell Automation

ATD has provided many material handling applications, and always propose to use a robot when unloading our LPPM Casting machines. When using a robot in the process, we are able to eliminate safety issues with heavy parts and allow the operator to focus on higher level tasks.

Automated Finishing

When cutting off sprues and risers, it becomes extremely dangerous when working with complex parts. A robot is able to take the danger away from the operator as well as producing quality and repeatable cuts each cycle.

Robotic Grinding

Robotic grinding can be complex, but with the ATD team behind you, your team will succeed! ATD has furnished a robotic grinding cell in our facility so that your team can see exactly what it would like to robotically grind your castings. Reach out to us today to learn more about our robotic grinding trials.