ATD has built their reputation on custom equipment.  When a standard off-the-shelf machine won’t do the job, customers know to call us.  We specialize in this area and have the resources to solve almost any manufacturing scenario.  In addition, with engineer, fabrication, machining, assembly all under one roof we can usually provide you with the best lead time over our competition.  Below are some examples of machines that are one-of-a-kind.  With too many applications to list, give us a call to discuss your specific application.

Wheel Clad Gluing Machine

ATD designed and built this robotic cell for a customer that was using a high strength adhesive to attach a beautiful wheel clad face to a cast aluminum wheel.  A six-axis robot is used to dispense the glue in a specific pattern that was different for each type of clad.  The cell also incorporated a PokeYoke fail safe to ensure the operator had loaded the wheel properly onto the shuttle before it was presented to the robot for gluing.  Once the gluing process was complete the operator then places the clad onto the wheel and part goes into a press to control the force on the assembly process.

The ATD bi-flow conveyor is typically used to stage parts for feeding a CNC lathe.  This way the lathe is able to run un-manned for hours without operator interaction.  In addition, it orientates the parts for proper loading.  Let us know how we can help your upstream or downstream processes at your machining facility.