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ATD Engineering & Machine specializes in the Redford® style core machine.  We have designed and developed our own line of machines that will out perform and out last the competition.  We have also enhanced on the design by providing quick change blow and gassing plates, as well as other improvements.  In addition, after the sale our service and support is world class!




High Speed Heavy Duty options available




ATD specializes in core machine spare parts, our parts are interchangeable with your OEM core machine and we are typically less cost and quicker delivery.  We will gladly provide you a quotation so you can compare this with your current supplier.  We stock such items as magazine tubes, burner tips, bushings, bushing retainers, springs, etc.  In fact we have an entire room dedicated to it!  See photos below and give us a call to see how much we can save you on your current MRO spend.

Think your machine is too old and tired?  Think it needs to go to the scrap yard? Think again!!  ATD has taken the worst of the worst, sometimes just a skeleton of a machine, and turned them back into core making work horses.  We can incorporate new valves, new electrical system, replace missing components, refurbish worn items, add safety features, you NAME it and we can do it.  Just take a look at the example below.