In order for our customers to compete in the world economy, we have ramped up our capabilities in the area of fully automated robotic finishing cells.  Let us know which processes you would like automated and we can come up with a proposal that will suit your needs and your budget!  Many customers are now incorporating quench, trim, saw, part marking into a single cell and sending it on to the X-ray unit.  Give us a call today to see how we can help.

Whether you need a brand new press or just want you existing press rebuilt, ATD offers a full range of trim presses for all types of applications.  We have built presses from 30 Ton all the way up to 250 Ton!!  We can also incorporate shuttle tables for loading / unloading of parts and dies.  We have also designed up presses with automatic ejection, press thru platens, vertically parted, high speed ram, safety ratchets or catchers.  We are able to mount the hydraulics on the crown if necessary, this clears up floor space for your operation.  Our presses are designed to last for not just years, but decades of use!!  Just ask our customers.

ATD manufactures a wide range of degating / cutoff saws.  Most of our designs utilize a carbide tipped circular saw blade to remove the sprues, gates, and risers.  The part is loaded manually or robotically into the part nest, we clamp the part to the nest and transfer the part to the spinning saw blades.  We are able to use hydraulic or servo driven tables, and can add in blade lubrication if your application requires it.  Our saws are built to rugged, heavy duty, foundry standards and use standard components that are readily available.  The saws can be stand-alone or incorporated into a finishing cell with a trim press or other ancillary equipment.