ATD Engineering & Machine specializes in the Redford® style core machine.  We have designed and developed our own line of machines that will out perform and out last the competition.  We have also enhanced on the design by providing quick change blow and gassing plates, as well as other improvements.  In addition, after the sale our service and support is world class!

ATD has completed many cells that incorporate robotics into the finishing department of your foundry.  We can put the cutting tool on the end of the robot, or we can put the part on the end of the robot and bring it to the cutting tool.

Primarily used in permanent mold applications.  ATD has developed systems to robotically extract castings from the mold, bring to a quench tank, then to the operator.  This can also be transferred directly to the finishing operations as well!  A robot placing cores and/or filters is not out of the realm of possibilities either.

Robotic trim cells are an easy way to start into plant automation.  Typically the operator loads the parts into the trim press and the robot unloads the parts from the back of the press.  Secondary operations can then be done by the robot and either brought back out to the operator or dropped into dunnage or a gon.